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At Packwise we have been busy innovating an exciting new range of compostable products made up of cups, lids, boxes, bags, trays and straws.


We are committed to building a 100% plastic free range of products, including all shipping materials.

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GeoWise innovate and lead with products that are oil free, compostable and biodegradable.

Our Future
with Trees

Our GeoCup, GeoBox, GeoStraw and GeoColdcup range are all made from sugarcane paper.

    Introducing GeoWise

    GeoWise is an exciting new range of compostable products made up of GeoCups, GeoLids, GeoBoxes, GeoBags, GeoTrays, GeoColdcups and GeoStraws.

    Our zip lock bag is fully compostable, including the zip. Our cup range is all made from sugarcane and has a uni lid system in 8oz, 12oz and 16oz that simplifies your inventory control.

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    Takeaway packaging. Not trees.

    Takeaway packaging.
    Not trees.

    Sugarcane Extract

    When sugarcane is squeezed it produces sugarcane pulp, called bagasse. Bagasse is then made into paper.

    No new industry is created during this process as existing waste is used.

    Sugarcane paper is used in GeoWise cups, boxes and straws. Our sugarcane products are 100% sugarcane paper, unlike other manufacturers who use 50-70% sugarcane paper.

    GeoWise sugarcane paper is high quality, light, affordable and composts in 30-90 days when in industrial compost facilities.

    One year life Cycle, not 20

    The average life cycle of tree plantation for paper farming is 20 years. In contrast, sugarcane is an annual crop that is grown and harvested. Bagasse is a by-product from this pre-existing crop and industry.

    When conventional tree based paper is made, only 20% of the tree is used. One large container of sugarcane GeoCups saves hundreds of trees from being forested.

    Using sugarcane paper reduces soil erosion and habitat damage. GeoCups are oil free, with the lining comprising a corn starch based bioplastic that completely breaks down when composting.

    Consumers want Change

    We are in an era of unprecedented climactic change. Global warming has affected people all over the planet, from rising seas in the Pacific, increasing temperatures across the world, destruction of forests, decrease in habitat and ice cap melt.

    Consumers are increasingly becoming more environmentally aware and focused on their decisions. This flows right through to single use packaging and places a demand on business owners to lead the way.

    GeoWise is right for the consumer and makes sense for business.

    Sustainable Innovation

    Examples of our commitment towards innovation include the introduction of a market-first ziplock bag in Australia that is 100% compostable – including the ziplock.

    We carry Australia’s only 100% sugarcane paper compostable cold cup. Our GeoCup range is the only range that is 100% compostable and biodegradable from door to door, including the product, the outer cartons and the sleeves that the cups are packed in.

    As a team, we are committed to innovation.

      We are 100% Australian owned. How good is that?


      Available in three sizes with universal lid system GeoCups are made with sugarcane paper and coated with a PLA lining – a bioplastic made from corn, not oil.


      Our compostable uni lids are leak-free and made from PLA – a bioplastic made from corn, not oil. Available in black and natural.


      Our paper boxes and trays are coated with a PLA lining – a bioplastic made from corn, not oil. Available in a range of sizes and suitable for a wide variety of food types.


      Made from plant-based materials that are 100% biodegradable. GeoBags comply with international compost standards and have numerous applications. See our full range.


      GeoStraws are a mixture of sugarcane and PLA – a bioplastic made from corn, not oil. They are made durable to last longer than paper alternatives.


      Australia’s only 100% sugarcane paper compostable cold cup. GeoColdCups are available in four different sizes.


      GeoBeerCups are made of compostable corn based bioplastic. With a capacity of 425mL GeoBeerCups are weights and measures tested for alcohol and are only suitable for cold use.

      Businesses need single use packaging and our environment needs looking after. It’s a perfect match. Contact us and we will send you samples of any products you’re interested in buying.

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      Let’s make your business
      and the planet better